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Partner of L'IMMOBILIARE.COM: real estate agency accredited to the L'IMMOBILIARE.COM circuit authorized to use the brand alongside its own.

Our company (COLZANI STEFANO d.i.) has been operating in the real estate brokerage sector for many years. Today, in the tradition of professionalism, seriousness and transparency consolidated and conquered over time, it follows the new path of the Grimaldi family which, thanks to its traditions and solid deep roots, has created the first circuit of prestigious professional real estate agents who identify themselves under a only image: IMMOBILIARE.COM.

Stephen Colzani
Being part of a group helps you grow

Mr. Colzani you have been present for several years with your real estate agency in Milan in the central area of Lanza. How did the idea of becoming a Partner in the Grimaldi Family Real Estate Network come about?
I have been operating in the central area of Milan since 2014, over time I have developed the idea of joining this Circuit as a Partner, carefully evaluating the pros and cons. Objectively, I haven't found any against it, instead I found a well-organized structure, with a very interesting training program, a network where the people who are part of it are not mere numbers but are really part of a valuable project. I really appreciated the human side, but by paying close attention to the point I realized the real value of this group, precisely the quality of the fellow real estate agents who are part of it.

What is the service made available to this network that you have been able to appreciate the most today?
Certainly the course program was an important condition for me as my structure is expanding and I necessarily needed to make people grow, therefore also with important courses and above all focused on the objective, without beating about the bush or classroom rhetoric. I frequent them too and I am very satisfied. It's also a great time to get to know the other good people in the group and build a team.

How important is it for you to be able to collaborate and get to know qualified real estate consultants throughout the national territory?
Is critical! Being alone gives you a thousand freedoms, but being part of a group helps you grow, improve and also have a different point of view in carrying out your work. In the group you can always find someone willing to help you or even simply to give you a different point of view from your own in carrying out the activity.


WHEN YOU BUY A HOME WE CAN HELP YOU CHOOSE | Thanks to our professionals we are able to provide you with the right advice and to present you with the solution that best suits your needs, within a large and selected real estate portfolio. In fact, it is sufficient to leave your data and the characteristics of the property sought to be entered in our database, so as to be contacted quickly. Furthermore, for your maximum guarantee, the forms are simple and complete. You will then be followed in every phase of the negotiation, up to the notarial deed. Where necessary, we will be able to manage exchanges and inform you of agreements with the best banking institutions to provide financial services suited to your needs.

WHEN YOU SELL A HOUSE WE KNOW HOW TO VALUE YOUR PROPERTY | Our network is made up of serious and well-prepared professionals, able to provide you with free real estate consultancy to establish a coherent market valuation. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to plan the most effective advertising promotion in newspapers and trade publications, both printed and online. To advertise all the properties that have been entrusted to the circuit, we have our website with captivating and easy-to-use graphics. The property will also be advertised, thanks to important agreements, on the main portals of the sector. By entrusting the task exclusively to a member of the Circuit, it will also be possible to make use of the other operators present in the area through the online database. Furthermore, visits to the property are always carried out with selected clients and accompanied by our consultants. We then provide you with periodic reports on the activities carried out and on the negotiations in progress, following you up to the notarial deed.

   - Commercial evaluation
   - Written estimate experiences
   - Feasibility studies for operations
   - Home staging
   - Photoshoot
   - Video service
   - Paper advertising promotion
   - Online advertising promotion
   - Visits selected customers
   - Preliminary drafting
   - Drafting of lease contracts
   - Preliminary registration
   - Registration of lease contracts
   - Notarial assistance
   - Legal assistance
   - Credit assistance
Types of residential activities
   - Purchase
   - Lease
   - Exchange management
   - Construction sites
   - Fractions
   - Investment opportunity
Types of commercial / management activities
   - Purchase
   - Lease
Types of luxury real estate activities
   - Purchase
   - Lease
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